Hoosh came to Silvahunter as a rescue dog, hopefully to be rehomed, but he seems to have wormed his way in and apparently is here to stay. Nic found him  one Saturday in April, 09 when he went to  Colac in country Victoria for his cousins 18th birthday party.  Hoosh at 10 months of age was sitting on his owners lap licking the froth off a glass of beer in the local hotel. Nic chatted to the owner who had Hoosh do his 'Friends' trick with his paw. The owner asked Nic if he wanted the dog as he was going to be taken to the pound  the following Friday due to the gentleman's ill health - the owner felt it was not fair to the dog when he was continually going into hospital. The owner had notices up all over town but no one wanted the dog. Nic went back on the Tuesday night after work (drove 2.5 hours ) and picked the dog up because Nic didn't want him in the pound. Supposedly  Hoosh was going to live with a friend of Nic's - it just didn't happen. Hoosh  is now about 2 years old. He is a working border collie and is as smart as a whip. He has a new name at Silvahunter as we have never had unregistered dogs before - 'Hoosh The Associate!' Nic believes Hoosh is very similar to the dog in 'Footrot Flats' cartoons.  Let's hope we can do something with the Hoosh dog. So far he is trying to herd the Weimaraners and the ducks on the lake. A typical young dog, he's prone to collecting items around the house and taking them into his crate to destroy them, initially  6 toilet rolls destroyed in one week - not a bad record, more like a Lab than a border I say.