Tracking Club of Victoria Inc.  - Judge: Mrs. K. Houlden (V)
Tiki passes Track & Search Test 8 and gains her Track & Search Championship Title
Triple Champion title pending.

Lang Lang Ag. Soc. Inc. - Judge: Mr. L. Greenall (V).
Prada - Puppy of Breed, Bitch CC & RUBOB

Hastings Obedience Dog Club Inc. - Tracking Search Dog Trial.
Judge: Mrs. J. Pillinger.
Riggs - Passes TSD7 with a grading of GOOD.
Tiki - Passes TSD7 with a grading of VERY GOOD

Central Gippsland Kennel Club Inc. - Judge: Mrs. M. Glover (V)
Prada - Best of Breed, Puppy in Group 3 & BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP 3.
General Specials Judge: Mr. J. Lowebridge (NSW) - BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.

Central Gippsland Kennel Club Inc. - Judge: Mr. J. Lowebridge (NSW)
Prada - Best of Breed, Puppy in Group 3 & BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP 3
General Specials Judge: Mr. J. Forbes (NSW) - BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.

Dogs Victoria Amenities Show - Judge: S. Brackman (N)
Prada - 1st Puppy Bitch & Puppy of Breed.



Dogs Victoria Amenities Show - Judge: J. Aspinall (Vic).
Prada - Puppy of Breed and PUPPY IN GROUP.

Dogs Victoria Amenties Show - Judge: T. Thomas (Qld).
Prada - Puppy of Breed, Bitch CC (
pts) & rubob.

Bass Valley Kennel club Inc. - Judge: Mr. R. Greer (NZ)
Prada - Puppy of Breed, Res. CC. and PUPPY IN GROUP.

Morwell Traralgon Kennel Club Inc. - Judge Ms. L. Walker (WA)
Prada - BOB, Puppy of Breed.

Morwell Traralgon Kennel Club Inc. - Judge: Miss. S. Sewell (WA)
Prada - BOB, Puppy of Breed & PUPPY IN GROUP.

Sovereign City K.C. Inc. - Judge: Mrs. N. Harris (V)
General Specials - Judge: Ms. M. Joyce (V) - Prada PUPPY IN SHOW.

Alexandra P. & A. Association - Judge: Ms. L. Harwood (V),
Prada - Bitch CC & BOB

23rd October, 2013.
Numurkah A & P Association - Judge: Mrs. L. Watson (V)
Prada Bitch CC (8 pts) RUBOB.

13th October, 2013.
Bacchus Marsh Kennel Club Inc. - Judge: Mrs. G. Cook (V)
Prada - Bitch CC, BOB & MINOR IN GROUP.

7th October, 2013.
Kerang Ag. Soc. Inc. - Judge: Mrs. J. Harvey (V) - Prada - Bitch CC, BOB, Puppy In Group &
General Specials Judge: Mr. M. Bungey (W.A.) - Prada PUPPY IN SHOW.

5th October, 2013.
Prada - Minor of Breed, Res CC and MINOR IN GROUP
Judge: Mr. L. Hearn (V)

22nd September, 2013.
Prada - MINOR IN SHOW -Weimaraner Club of Victoria Inc. -
Judge: Breed Specialist - Ms. G. Young (USA)

  14th September, 2013
Prada - Minor of Breed & Res. CC. - Belgrave & District K.C. -
Judge: Ms. S. Power

31st August, 2013,
Prada - Runner Up BOB, Bitch CC (8pts), MINOR IN GROUP - Bairnsdale & D.K.C. -
Judge: Mr. G. Gaut (V)

24th August, 2013,
Prada - Minor of Breed & Res. CC. - Macalister All Breeds Kennel & Obed. Club - Judge: Mr. I Rasmussen (Q)

23rd August, 2013,
Prada - Minor of Breed and Res CC - Maclister All Breeds Kennel & Obed. Club - Judge: Mrs. Hardwicke (NZ)

10th August, 2013,
Prada Baby of Breed - Lilydale Pot Of Gold - Judge: Blake Wistuba (NSW)

9th August, 2013

Prada Baby of Breed and Baby In Group - Lilydale Kennel Club Inc. Judge: Ms. Ovsyannikova (Russia)

July, 2013
Prada Baby of Breed - Junior Kennel Club of Victoria Inc.

June, 2013
Prada Baby of Breed - Gundog Club of Victoria Inc. Open Show.

Sue's beautiful "Phoebe" leaves this world to join her mother "Holly" at the rainbow bridge.

February, 2013
Silvahunter has a new Weimaraner Baby Puppy.


Another quiet year for the Silvahunter Weimaraners, too much happening and poor Riggs is still recovering from his broken leg, plus gastropexy & neuter.

Breaking News

A gap year for the Weimaraners at Silverhunter.

August, 2011.
"Lucy" (Sue's GSP) gains her TDX title at the German Shepherd Club of Victoria Trial at Ballarat - judge Necia Lynch.

July, 2011.
Phoebe gains her TSD4 at Bendigo with Liz and Nasa gains his TSD5 Urban Test with Leanne under NSW judge: Tiki Fraser.
Nasa gains his TSD4 test - Phoebe didn't track at this trial.
Leanne Trotter handles Shayne's Dobies at the TSD Trials at Warragul & Ballarat - "Phoebe & Nasa" both gain their TSD. Thank you Leanne for handling Miss. Phoebe.

June/July, 2011
Liz and Mary head off to Europe to be joined by Susan & Fraser for 2 weeks touring France and also attending the World Dog Show in Paris. (Photos and memory page to come).

May, 2011.

"Lucy" gains her Track 5 at the Golden Retriever Trial - Inverleigh.

November, 2010.

Riggs wins 'Silvasheen Tracking Trophy' - this is the second time that Riggs has won this prestigious tracking trophy, previously from Tracking Results - this season his Tracking Search Dog results were eligible for inclusion. This is the first time that a Weimaraner has won this trophy from two separate sections of Tracking. We are all very proud of Riggs and Tiki who was in second place.

1st October, 2010
Tracking Club of Victoria - Tracking Search Dog Trial
Judge: Trish Wileman (Vic)
Both Tiki & Riggs passed their night tracking Test 6 - both with a grading of "Good". Extremely pleased with both dogs as several dogs didn't pass their test 6 tracks.
This makes Tiki & Riggs the first Dual Champion (t) Weimaraners in Australia to gain their TSDX.
2 other Weimaraners passed their Test 6 over that weekend but weren't Dual Champions.

3rd September, 2010
Tracking Search Dog Trial - Gippsland Obedience Dog Club Inc.
Judge: Trish Wileman (Vic).
Both Tiki and Riggs have had a great time doing their TSD test 5 - Urban track. Riggs had a loose beagle (dog) and a large black cat on his track, thanks to Sylvia Meekin for the great catch, scooping up the beagle until we had passed by. This was apart from the people and cars. He did well and received a grading of 'Very Good'. Tiki's track started on a busy road in Morwell and continued around some blocks of houses and of course across roads. She just gobbled this track up, and really seemed to enjoy herself, gaining a grading of 'Excellent'. Photos of her efforts are in her album. Thanks to Wendy McLean for the great photos. Thanks to Gippsland Obedience Dog Club for such a great venue and trial.

It's beyond our wildest speculation - the beautiful "blonde" dobie did it. Shayne's Diva (handled by Liz)  has gained her Tracking Championship title at the Victorian Canine Associations' State Tracking Trial - 30-8-10 at Rosebud with a grading of Good. Diva had 4 training sessions prior to the start of the season (and we didn't every trial this year) and went through in 7 straight tracks. 
  Sue's lovely Lucy (GSP) worked beautifully in the longest grass which was growing in a ploughed market garden paddock - the base was sand that was so totally saturated with rain that it was almost a bog. Lucy gained a grading of 'Very Good'.  Very pleased to say my handling lessons with my sister have paid off. Both dogs were judged by Denise Burriss. The tracking season this year is now officially finished for these dogs. Riggs & Tiki still have some urban tracking available in the next 2 months.

Tracking Club of Victoria Inc. - Inverleigh trial.
Judge: Peter Miller (Vic). 
Sue's lovely Lucy (GSP) gained her Test 3 and her T.D. Title with a grading of Good.  This was Sue's first time handling in a tracking trial (has done a bit in training) - she did a pretty good job for her first go, Lucy found both articles but went wide on the 3rd leg.
The beautiful Diva (Dobe) handled by Liz was not her usual sparkly self & very much a grump managed to hold it together and get around her Test 6 with a grading of Good, gaining her TDX title. Shayne rang Liz at 6.30p.m. after the track to let Liz know that Miss. Diva had just thrown up 2 halves of a man's working sock - no wonder she wasn't interested in the socks on the track.

12-7-10 - Tracking Club of Victoria Inc. - Broadford Trial.
Judge: (again!!!) Denise Burriss. Well conditions were a lot better for the dogs at Broadford than at Bendigo. Diva (dobe) first out going for her Test 4 (1000mts) - did well this time, never far from the track but missed one article and gained a 'Very Good'. Lucy was just a star and tracked like a little brown bomber should gaining her Test 2 with a 'Very Good'. Leanne had a lot of pressure on her this day (the judge even asked her if she had done the track before - judge was confusing me handling Casey on the same track). Leanne and Nasser gained his Tracking Championship with a grading of 'Good'. Well done to Leanne - now for TSD at Gippsland with this lovely tracking dog.

TSD Trial - Riggs & Tiki - 5-7-10.
Well we have been lucky, Warrigal Obedience & Kennel Club Inc. was given permission to hold a TSD trial (no means 3 that we have been eligible this year and not 2). Stewarding from Friday through Monday for judge Trish Wileman I was lucky enough to be allowed Sunday off to Track my two kids and Shayne's - Miss. Phoebe. Riggs and Tiki both were goind for TSD test 4 and Phoebe Test 1. Phoebe was first our under judge Lynn Klekka - she absolutely hasn't lost her touch and whizzed around the track in no time at all gaining a Very Good.  Riggs was next out on his Test 4, got off to a good start, over shot the first corner slightly but came back onto the track past the first article, after that spot on the whole way gaining a grading of 'Good'. Poor old Tiki had the worst track of the day in a school where anyone can access and run their dogs off lead, skateboard and it was totally the dirtiest school I have ever been to. Tiki did the whole track not more than a couple of meters off at anytime, coped with the skate boarders and the smells of the off lead dogs, but never found an article in all that rubbish, just as well with TSD that you don't need articles to pass - so she gained a" Pass". Now for the start of their urban tracks, hopefully we can get two Track 5 passes at Gippsland and that Phoebe will be able to do her TSD test 2.

Bendigo Obedience Dog Club Inc - Judge: Denise Burriss.We have started tracking sister Sue's GSP - Lucy. On a test 1 track that could only be described as a ploughed dirt paddock, Lucy managed to overcome all the odds and confusion and gained a pass (quite frankly I was a little disgusted to think that a novice dog would be given a paddock worthy of a TSD dog). We also had Shayne's Dobe girl Diva in for her Test 3 which she passed with a grading of 'Good'. Her paddock was totally full of sheep and sheep poo. Leanne handled the big black Bastard for his Test 6 which he gained with a 'Very Good' (in the most miserable conditions).

Hastngs Obedience Dog Club Inc. - Judge: Rob Tester. Liz handled Diva for her Test 2 in a beautiful grass paddock, couldn't say we knew where the track was going as for most of it we were staring straight into the sun. Leanne was our known tracklayer who was just so smelly I was a little concerned she was going to cut out the whole track and go straight to Leanne. However she did well and found all the articles with a grading of 'Very Good'. Leanne handled Nasser for his Test 5, water skiing across the paddocks at a million miles an hour gaining a 'Very Good'.

Started Tracking today at the first Tracking Trial of the season - Knox Obedience Dog Club Inc. - Judge: Ute May. Liz handled Shayne's young Dobe - Diva the diviate. Test one graded Very Good. Leanne handled the big black bastard (Nasa) - gained Test 4 with a good. Not bad for 2 dogs who have only been trained in the past two weeks. Watch for more tracking news - about to start Lucy (Sue's GSP) which could be great fun.

John has picked up his boat which now has a brand new Mercury Motor - 200 Optimax, a big black beast which will go like the wind. Watch for photos on the webpage coming up soon.

4th Weimaraner National - South Australia (30th April - 3rd May, 2010)
Riggs is graded Excellent overall & Excellent coat - 4th Place in Australian Bred Dog = V4
Tiki graded Very Good overall & Excellent coat
Judge: Wolfgang Furhring - Germany.

26th April, 2010.
Tracking Club of Victoria - Tracking Search Dog trial - Inverleigh.
Judge: Kim Houlden.
Riggs  gains his TSD title with an Excellent.
Tiki gains her TSD title with a Very Good.
Great to be back tracking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiki & Riggs went with Biggles and Chilli to the Portland weekend. Tiki bitch cc and BOB first show on Saturday. Well done to Lyn Martin on her BOB in p.m. show. We went home early on Sunday due to heavy rain so hopefully Lyn got her BOB.  Mary's Tibbies did well, Biggles is now a champion and Chilli picked up 19 points towards her title. No more show now until next year - it's getting too hot for the dogs to travel.

7-11-09 - Tiki has done it! Tiki gained her last points for her show title at Echuca. Judge was Mrs. Morrow (NSW) - 7 pts and RUBOB to her half brother Tango.  Tiki is now a Dual Champion.
Big thank you to the Tracking Club Cheer Squad - you are great bunch of guys. Also to Deb, Glenys, Jim & Vicki for their great friendship and support. 

1-11-09 - Lois is going to be okay, and we are all so happy for her.

27th October, 2009: Tiki and Riggs are very worried about their breeder 'Lois' who is in hospital in Adelaide - they want her to get better really, really quickly and just want Wednesday 28th to be a successful day for her.

24th & 25th October, 2009, Tiki gains another 2 x BOB's.

16 &17th October, 2009.
Tiki picks up another BOB, a RUBOB and another Open in Group.

3 - 5th October, 2009.
Liz & Mary have spent 3 days showing over the border in New South Wales. Tiki gets 3 challenges (2 are BOB) and a class in Group. Mary's Tibetan Spaniel "Biggles" gets 3 BOB and a class in group which is very rare for a Tibetan Spaniel (in the Toy Group).

20-9-09 Weimaraner Club of Victorian Inc. Championship Show a.m.
Miss Meemo goes Best In Show under Mr. Howard Falberg (USA) - another first for Lois & Claire and handler Lauren.  New boy at Waldwiese 'Ziggy Stardust'  Baby Puppy in Show at both shows.
Meemo - Puppy in Show - p.m. show judged by Mrs. J. Bryant (S.A.).
Well done Waldwiese.
Riggs 2nd Australian Bred Dog in p.m. show.

Tiki's pretty sister "Luna" goes BOB at Melbourne Royal - a huge congratulations to Lois & Claire and handler Lauren.  "Meemo" the new Longhair girl at Waldwiese RUBOB and puppy of breed.
Riggs - 2nd Australian Bred Dog Class.

We have had a wonderful tracking season which started out with 4 dogs in training, "Miss Tiki" - the Weimaraner, the beautiful "Phoebe" (Shayne's Dobie girl), "Zana" (Leanne's Dobie girl), "Java" (Tasha's Dobie girl). A late starter was "Nasa" (Shayne's Dobie boy) - when Leanne had finished Zana.
How wonderful it was to have Tiki finish her Title in two trials so early in the season (a track on at the Golden Retriever Trial helped out heaps). Then we had Phoebe and Zana titled at Inverleigh in August. Java gaining her title at the last trial for the year. Nasa gains his TD title putting well on the way for the next Tracking season. Whilst all of this has been happening Riggs and Tiki have been out working and gaining two passes each towards their TSD titles.

Java gains her Tracking championship at Ballarat Obedience Dog Club Trial - Judge: Lynn Klekka (Vic) - grading of 'Good'. Nasa gains his TD title with Leanne handling with a grading of Very Good.

7-9-09 Royal Adelaide Show.
Judge: Mr. Jevons (Canada).
Riggs - 1st Aust. Br. Dog Class and Dog Challenge.
Tiki - 2nd Intermediate Bitch Class.

6-9-09 Wei Club of S.A. Championship Show.
Judge: Anne Marie Curran (S.A.)
Riggs - 1st Australian Bred Dog Class.
Tiki - 2nd Intermediate Bitch Class

Victorian State Tracking trial held by the VCA Inc. - Judge: Trish Wileman (Longweis Longhair Weimaraners) - Java gains her TDX with a grading of Very Good.
Shayne's Dobe boy - Nasa gains his Track 2 with a grading of Excellent under Trish Wileman - handler Leanne Trotter.

Tracking Club of Victoria - Tracking Search Detection Trial held at Inverleigh. Tiki gains TSD2 with a grading of Good and Riggs gains his TSD2 with a grading of 'Very Good' - Judge: Peter Miller (Vic).

17-8-09 - Tracking Club of Victoria's Inverleigh trial
Judge: Peter Miller
Phoebe gains her Tracking Championship on Track 7 with a grading of Good.
Java gains her Track 5 with a grading of Very Good.

3-8-09 Gippsland Obedience Dog Club Inc. Tracking Search Detection Trials.
Riggs & Tiki both gain their TSD1 both with a grading of 'Very Good;.

20-7-09 - Gippsland Obedience Dog Club Tracking Trial - Judge: Lynn Klekka.
Java gains Track 4 with a grading of good in very windy conditions.
Phoebe has her first failure in tracking, Phoebe tracked like a dream but only found 1 of the 3 required articles on her Track 7 (Championship Track). Conditions deteriorated during the course of the day from when Java tracked - Phoebe was tracking in nearly 70 mph winds and to avoid the articles blowing off the track the tracklayer hid them in a hollow in the ground, Phoebe had her nose in those hollows but both Liz and the judge didn't see the article.

10th July, 2009 - Tracking Club of Victoria Inc. - Broadford.
Phoebe gains Track 6 with a grading of 'Good' under Dawn Howard this gives Phoebe here TDX.
Also same trial & judge: Tasha's 'Java' gains T.D. with a grading of good.
Both girls handled by Liz

27th June, 2009 - Eastern Suburbs Obedience Dog Club Inc.
Phoebe gains her Test 5 with a grading again of Very Good - Judge: Peter Miller.

21st June, 2009 - Bendigo Obedience Dog Club Inc.
Phoebe gains her Test 4 (first leg of her TDX title) with a grading of Very Good - Judge: Necia Lynch.

11th June, 2009- German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Inc.
'Phoebe' - Ch.Coppertop Perfect Image E.T. gains her T.D. with a grading of Very Good - Judge: Lynn Klekka

Tiki passes her Track 7 at Hastings Obedience Dog Club. Judge: Mr. Peter Miller (Vic) with a grading of Very Good.  Quote from judge at presentation " A pleasure to judge and a pleasure to watch - a lovely tracking dog."
Also at Hastings 1-6-09 Shayne's Dobe "Phoebe" passes Track 2 with a Very Good - judge: Peter Miller - handler Liz Harding. Phoebe will be tracking through to her title with Liz.
31-5-09 Hastings Obedience Dog Club - Shayne's daughter's Dobe "Java" passes Track 2 with a grading of Good - judge: Peter Miller - handler Liz Harding. Plus Leanne & Spencer's Dobe "Zana" passes Track 2 with a grading of Very Good - Judge: PeterMiller - handler Liz Harding. Java & Zana will now be handled by their owners for tracks in future.

23-5-09 - Golden Retriever Club of Victoria Inc. - Tracking Trial for Gundogs.
Tiki passes her Test 5 with a Very Good under Dawn Howard. Fortunate enough to get a track on and exactly 1.25 hours later she passes her Track 6 under Helen Den Hartog with a Good.
This gives Tiki her TDX title.

2-5-09 - Tracking Club of Victoria Inc.
Tasha's Dobe - Java passes her Test 1.
Leanne's Dobe - Zana passes her Test.
Both handles by Liz

April, 2009 - Tracking training has started in earnest. Liz is handling Tiki and 3 Dobes this season.  I could end up skinny with a bit of luck.

Liz & Dianne return from Crufts, London & Paris.
Amazing amount of photos - too many to publish at once for me - this will be a project in the making. In the meantime see Dianne's pages of our trip on her Silvasheen Kennels website.
We met some wonderful people on our trip, saw some great dogs including some lovely Weimaraners in the U.K.


After 14+ years my sister's beautiful GSP 'Holly' passed over to the rainbow bridge today. She was a fabulous show girl in her day winning BOB at Royal Melbourne Show & shortlisted for the Group as well as BISS at the GSP Club of Victoria. She was a multi BIG and class in Group winner. Most of all she had the best temperament which she has passed on to her daughter Phoebe and granddaughter Lucy.
See 'Our Dogs' - Sue's GSPs.