Family & Friends

Our family are extremely important to us all at Silvahunter, join us with the odd photo of memorable occasions (and not so memorable) and exploits. Unfortunately Liz's mother 'Jean' passed away in April 2010, four days short of her 89th Birthday, she is so greatly missed by the whole family.

Christmas 2006 Nic rescued a baby Rosella from being attacked by other birds - the poor bird only had one wing and would not have survived in the wild. This young Rosella is now one of our family pets much to Nic's distaste as she flicks seed all around her cage. She can't fly so quite frequently John takes her out into the garden for a walk. She has a male Rosella who comes to visit her daily, he sits on the window sill if she is inside but if she is outside he will sit on her cage or walk on the grass beside her. Our Rosella has a very original name - "Rosie" and her boyfriend we call "Timmie"