Aust. Dual Champion (T)Waldwiese Quintessential TSDX

Graded V in 2005 and V4 in 2010

s. Gr. Ch., Dual Ch.(T) Waldwiese No Doubt About It.
d. Ch. Waldwiese Krazy For You.
w. 27-7-2003 - 24-10-2018
Bred by: Waldwiese Kennels (& Anna Prizzi) - South  Australia.

Riggs gains his Tracking Championship at Hastings Obedience Dog Club Inc.
2-6-08 - Judge: Helen Den Hartog


Riggs has a remarkable likeness to his paternal Grandfather - Ch. Jujondy Crazy Horse. At times when you see him standing outside the family room window you would swear it is 'Indi' standing there.  We were extremely lucky after Indi died that Anna had decided that her "Indi" daughter was to be mated to Gr. Ch. Waldwiese No Doubt About It (Lois & Claire's  "Vader").  After losing Indi we really didn't have a great deal of interest in purchasing another dog, however, some things happen for a reason.  Liz was in Adelaide for Adelaide Royal and Anna was trying to pick names for the 'Q' litter.  Not paying a great deal of attention to the pedigrees  on show day Liz just helped Anna out with some crazy "Q" names (oh why did she suggest Quintessential?) Driving back to Melbourne with Baillie, Liz began to work out the pedigree for this litter in her mind, and by the time she was half way home she realized that this litter was actually a step closer to what she hoped to achieve by mating Indi to Baillie. 

Indi & Scout - taken Adelaide - Scout 1yr old.
The following week was the puppy picnic day.  That night Lois rang Liz and told her there was an extremely sound puppy in the litter, in fact he was too good to let go and did Liz want the puppy. With much deliberation and arguing with John (he really wasn't over Indi dying) the puppy was purchased.  Riggs arrived the following week when Lois & Claire came over for the Royal Melbourne Show - trust is a wonderful thing to have in your friends - Lois, Claire and the late Jill Townley had chosen this puppy - Liz had only seen 1 photo of the dog.  Liz & Nic went to the Royal with just Baillie and came home with Baillie and the nameless 'Quintessential' - which means "of the purest form".  After much deliberation it was decided by Liz & Nic that the call name chosen had to relate to something Crazy, considering the mother and grandfather's names - ah, why not after Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon? He was as crazy as they come! So 'Riggs' was it. 

Young Riggs went reasonably well in the show ring, and shown sparingly easily gained his Championship Title with several group prizes thrown in for good measure.  We really could have spent more time at shows with Riggs, but for most of 2005, after Baillie had become ill from the grass seed, we just never seemed to get to shows - as we were so busy trying to make Baillie well.

Riggs with Claire (Waldwiese Kennels) 2007
It has only been in the past 18 months that Riggs has had the attention he deserves. He has developed a real liking for tracking, gaining his Tracking Qualification Certificate and one pass to T.D. in 2006. He gained his track 2 and T.D. title at the end of May, 2007 (on the morning after Tiki was born).  Before the end of the season he gained tracks 3,4 & 5 - gaining TDX (track 5) at the German Shepherd Club trial in mid August. Unfortunately he didn't pass track 6 so we will back  again trying for our tracking championship and hopefully our Dual title in 2008.

On 2nd June, 2008, Riggs was successful in gaining his Track 6.  This gave him his Tracking Title and made him a Dual Champion.

Watch out for the next instalment in Riggs' activities - obedience, field or retrieving - which one will it be??  It's the new Tracking Search Detection discipline only available to dogs that have already gained their Tracking Championship.

After near 12 months out of the show ring, Riggs has excelled himself with a 1st in the Australian Bred Dog Class at the Weimaraner Club of South Australia Speciality Show on Sunday 6th September. The next day at Adelaide Royal Show - 7-9-09, Riggle was just fabulous on the move, leading way out in front and showing at his best for quite some time, winning not only the Australian Bred Dog Class but also Dog Challenge under Mr. Jevons (Canada).

Well Riggs is now a Tracking Search Dog gaining his title with style under Victorian Judge: Kim Houlden. Riggs was graded excellent on his TSD3 - the only excellent for the weekend. We are very proud of Riggs who is the first Waldwiese TSD dog.
 7-8-08 Weimaraner Club of South Australia Inc. Specialty Riggs places 1st in the Open Dog Class under breed specialist judge Mrs. D. Howell (Breogan Weimaraners) NSW.

Gippsland Obedience Dog Club Inc. Tracking Search Detection Trial.
Judge: Helen Den Hartog. - Riggs TSD1 with a grading of Very Good

23rd August, 2009.
Tracking Dog Club of Victoria Inc. Tracking Search Detection Trial
Judge: Peter Miller - Riggs gains TSD a with a grading of Very Good.

6-9-09 - Weimaraner Club of South Australia Inc. Judge: Anne Marie Curran (S.A.)
Riggs - 1st Place Australian Bred Dog.

7-9-09 Royal Adelaide Show - Judge: Mr. Jevons (Canada)
Riggs - 1st Place Australian Bred Dog and Dog Challenge.

2010 results

Winner of Weimaraner Club of Victoria "Silversheen Tracking Trophy" in 2010
(This is the second time he has won this trophy, this time with Tracking Search Dog Results)

26th April, 2010.
Tracking Club of Victoria Inc. - Inverleigh. Tracking Search Detection Trial.
Judge: Kim Houlden - Riggs gains TSD3 with a grading of "EXCELLENT"

April/May, 2010
Riggs receives a grading of Excellent Overall & Excellent Coat and placed 4th in Class at Weimaraner National Specialty in South Australia under German breed specialist Herr. Wolfgang Furhring

July, 2010
Riggs gains his TSD Test 4 with a grading of 'Good' under judge Lynn Klekka at Warrigal Obedience Dog Club.

September, 2010.
Gippsland Obedience Dog Club Inc. TSD trial - Judge: Trish Wileman
Riggs gains his Test 5 - Urban Track with a grading of 'Very Good'.

October, 2010.
Tracking Club of Victoria Inc. - TSD trial - Judge: Trish Wileman.
Riggs gains his Test 6 - Urban Night trial with a grading of 'Good'.
Giving him his TSDX title.


14-1-14 Hastings Obedience Dog Club Inc. - Judge: Mrs. J. Pillinger (V).
Riggs gains his TSD Test 7 with a grading of GOOD.
Unfortunately our much loved boy left us after 15 wonderful years - RIP Riggl we miss you so much.


Riggs' Pedigree

Dual Ch. (T) Waldwiese Quintessential TSD

Gr Ch/Dual Ch (T) Waldwiese No Doubt About It

Am/Gr Ch Colsidex Grauhund Just Jeans (Imp. USA)

Am Ch Bremar Maker's Mark

Am Ch Nani's Southern Cross BROM

Am Ch Bremar Freedom Hills Isis BROM

Am Ch Sagenhaft Colsidex Whiz Kid

Am Ch Colsidex Blueprint BROM

Am Ch Sanbars Diva von Sagenhaft CDX BROM

Aust Gr Ch Divani Rumour Has It TD

Am/Can/Aust Gr Ch Divani Loads 'A Trouble (AI)

Am Ch Nani's Bahta Pack 'A Trouble JH CD BROM

Aust Ch Divani Enter Th'Star

Aust Ch Bromhund Ultra Sonic

Ch/Eng Sh Ch/NZ Ch Arimar's Rolf V D Reiteralm (Imp. USA)

Nani's Helga For Bromhund (Imp. USA)

Aust Ch Waldwiese Krazy For You

Aust Ch Jujondy Crazy Horse

Aust Ch Domaset Opel Viscount (Imp. UK)

Domaset Grey Sovereign (UK)

Opel Armani at Domaset (Imp. UK)

Aust Ch Trupoint Rich Bitch

Aust Ch Grauhund New Man In Town (AI)

Aust Ch Bromhund Ultra Sonic

Aust Ch Waldwiese Just Whispa It

Aust Ch Divani Play Th' Game (AI)

Am Ch Norman's Double Bubble

Aust Ch Divani Gamepoint Gretal

Aust Gr Ch Divani Rumour Has It TD

Am/Can/Aust Gr Ch Divani Loads 'A Trouble (AI)

Aust Ch Bromhund Ultra Sonic