Triple Champion (T) & (TS) & Track & Search Grand Champion Waldwiese Viva Havana "Tiki"

Graded SG (Very Good) overall & V (excellent coat) - 2010.

s.  Am/Can/Aust Ch Graytsky's Smokin' In Havana (Imp. USA)
d.  Aust Ch Waldwiese Reason Tbelieve TD TDX

W/-  26th May 2007
Bred By: L & C Richter - Waldwiese Kennels
Owned By: Silvahunter Kennels

Tiki is shown selectively, showing isn't a priority at Silvahunter however we believe it is essential to maintain quality Weimaraners. Tiki commenced tracking training in March/April 2008. Tiki passed her TQT (Track 1) at Hastings Obedience Dog Club in May, 2008. Tiki gained her Tracking Championship in exactly one year gaining Track 7 at Hastings Obedience Dog Club Trial end May/1st June weekend 2009. Tiki is the first of Mac's progeny in Australia to gain a Tracking Championship. With an intensive tracking season behind us, showing Tiki to gain her show title became a high priority at the beginning of October and in 5 weeks she gained the points necessary to achieve our final goal for this year - Tiki is now a Dual Champion (T). In April, 2010 Tiki gained her third pass in Tracking Search Dog trialling and has added 'TSD' to her name. In 2010 she also gained her Tracking Search Dog Excellent Title "TSDX"
2014 sees Tiki back in harness for tests 7 & 8 to gain her third championship title - Track & Search Championship (Triple championship pending) - results below.
March/April, 2014 - Tiki gains tests 9 & 10 and gains her Track & Search Grand Championship Title.
The ultimate comments from the judge at presentations for TEST 10  - "Outstanding".
We are very grateful to Waldwiese Kennels for breeding such a wonderful working Weimaraner that is so willing to please.


With the alteration to the ANKC rules allowing Tracking & Track & Search to be separate disciplines we are very pleased to announce that Tiki well and truly qualifies to be known as a Triple Champion.  At 12.5 years we are extremely lucky to have her in good health to achieve this title.



5-4-14 German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria - Judge: Mrs. K. Houlden (V)
Tiki passes her TSD10 with a grading of VERY GOOD gaining Tracking Search Dog Champion.

22-3-14 Dobermann Club of Victoria - Judge: Mr. R. Tester (V)
Tiki passes her TSD9 with a grading of Good.

29-1-14 Tracking Club of Victoria Inc.  - Judge: Mrs. K. Houlden (V)
Tiki passes her TSD 8 Test and gains her Tracking Search Championship.

14 - 1 -14.
Hastings Obed. Dog Club Inc. - Judge: Mrs. J. Pillinger (V)
Tiki passes TSD Test 7 with a grading of VERY GOOD

Tiki's Results 2010

4th National Specialty held in South Australia in 2010 Tiki was graded SG (very good) overall and V (excellent) coat by breed specialist Herr. Wolfgang Furhring - Germany.

Tiki has gained her third pass for her Tracking Search Dog Title at the Tracking Club of Victoria Trial held 26th April, 2010 at Inverleigh. Judge: Kim Houlden (Vic) - Tiki was graded Very Good. Tiki is the second Waldwiese weimaraner to gain TSD.

July, 2010.
Warrigal Obedience Dog Club - Judge: Lynn Klekka. Test 4 (the Meander track) - Tiki gains a pass. Her track was extremely busy, skate boarders and people walking dogs all over it, let alone the joggers who continually circled the oval.

September, 2010.
Gippsland Obedience Dog Club Inc. - Test 5 (Urban Track). Judge: Trish Wileman.
Tiki absolutely nailed this track and received a grading of 'Excellent'. We are all really proud of her.

October, 2010.
Tracking Club of Victoria Inc. - Test 6 (Urban Night Track). Judge: Trish Wileman.
Tiki tracked so well to the point she actually tracked the tracklayer in the car back into the end of the tracking adding another 100 metres of so to her track which caused a down grading from Excellent to Good.

Tiki's Results 2009

Winner of the Weimaraner Club of Victoria "Silversheen Tracking Trophy" for 2009.

Tiki's final show results - 7 pt. Challenge and Rubob at Echuca & District Kennel Club - 7-11-09, judge: Mrs. V. Morrow (NSW)

Tiki has been doing the 'Show Thingy' in October, gaining several Challenges, Best of Breeds and Class In Groups - she has been a good girl and is finally learning to not "fidget"! Most of the results have been posted on latest news in this website

Royal Adelaide Show - 7-9-09.
Judge: Mr. Jevons (Canada). Tiki also gains a second place behind her top winning sister Luna.  (Well done Luna & Lauren, congratulations to Claire & Lois)

Weimaraner Club of South Australia Inc. - 6-9-09
Judge: Anne Marie Curran (S.A.)
Tiki goes 2nd in the Intermediate class to her BIS winning sister  - Luna.

23-8-09 Tracking Club of Victoria Inc. Tracking Search Detection Trial
Judge: Peter Miller. Tiki gains TSD2 with a grading of 'Good'.

3-8-09 - Gippsland Obedience Dog Club Inc. Tracking Search Detection Trial.
Judge: Helen Den Hartog.  Tiki passes her TSD1 with a grading of 'Very Good'.
Tracking is in her blood - she's just a wonderful tracking dog to handle.

1st June, 2009 - Hastings Obedience Dog Club Inc. Tracking Trial weekend (30&31-5-09 + 1-6-09) - Judge: Mr. Peter Miller (Vic). Tiki gains Track 7 with a grading of "Very Good". During presentations the judge complimented both dog and handler on a job well done - "A lovely tracking dog - a pleasure to follow and a pleasure to judge".

23rd May, 2009 - Golden Retriever Club of Victoria Inc. - restricted to Gundogs tracking trial. Held at Inverleigh. Tiki passes Track 5 with a grading of 'Very Good' - judge: Dawn Howard (Vic). Granted a 'track on' for the spare track exactly 1.5 hours later Tiki passes her Track 6 with a grading of 'Good' - judge: Helen Den Hartog (Vic). Tiki gains her Tracking Dog Excellent Title with this pass.


Tiki's results 2007 & 2008.
September, 07 - Best Baby in Show - Weimaraner Club of South Australia.
November, 07 - Baby In Group - Ballarat Kennel Club Inc.

23-2-08 - Bitch CC & RUBOB - Rochester Kennel Club Inc.
24-2-08 - Bitch CC & RUBOB & PUPPY IN GROUP- Jerilderie Summer Fair

16-3-08 - Bitch CC & BOB - Yarra Glen Kennel Club


22-3-08 - Bitch CC & RUBOB - Easter Festival Kennel Club

23-3-08 - Bitch CC & BOB - Easter Festival Kennel Club.

31-5-08 Tiki attains her Tracking Qualification Test at Hastings Obed. Dog Club
Judge: Lynne Klekka.

14-6-08 Tiki passes her Track 1 test with an 'Excellent' grading at Bendigo Obed.D.C. Inc. Tracking trial - Judge: Ute May

10-8-08 Tiki passs her Track 2 with a grading of 'Very Good' at the German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria Tracking Trial - held at Ballarat on 10-8-08 in snow & sleet - Judge: Mr. Ray Ashman - Vic.  (Note: Tiki was the only pass for this judge on that day as conditions were so bad)

Tiki passes Track 3 at Tracking Club of Victoria Inc.  - Inverleigh with a grading of 'Good'
judge: Mr. Peter Miller (Vic) end of August, 2008.

7-8-08 Weimaraner Club of South Australia Inc. Specialty Show.
Tiki 1st in the Junior Bitch Class - Judge: Mrs. D. Howell (NSW) 'Breogan Weimaraners'

8-11-08 Tiki bitch challenge Echuca & Disctrict Kennel Club - Judge: Mrs. B. Hyde (New Zealand)
9-11-09 Tiki bitch challenge & RUBOB - Echuca Moama & District A & P Society - Judge: Mr. Whitfield (New Zealand)

29-11-08 Weimaraner Club of Victoria Open Show: Judge Mr. K. Lee - Tiki Reserve bitch & Runner up Australian Bred in Show. See photo in gallery below.


Tiki's Pedigree

Dual Ch. (T) Waldwiese Viva Havana TSD

Am/Can/Aust Ch Graytsky's Smokin' In Havana (Imp. USA)

Am/Can Ch Ashmore's Win'Weim Royal Flush JH BROM

Am Ch Nani's Concert Master SH BROM

Am Ch Baht N Greywind Playn The Game BROM

Am Ch Nani's Perfect Cadence

Am Ch Colsidex The Farms Reflection

Am Ch Colsidex Blueprint BROM

Am Ch The Farm's Made In The USA

Am Ch Graytsky's Stella Luna BROM

Am Ch Nani's Smart Aleck JH, NRD, NSD, V, BROM

Am Ch Midnite Magic von Holihaus

Am Ch Nani's Knocker BROM

Am Ch Nani n' Graytsky's Harvest Moon

Am Ch Nani's Concert Master SH BROM

Am Ch Nani's N Holihaus Pagen Cross JH

Dual Ch (T) Waldwiese Reason Tbelieve

Gr Ch/Dual Ch (T) Waldwiese No Doubt About It

Am/Gr Ch Colsidex Grauhund Just Jeans (Imp. USA)

Am Ch Bremar Maker's Mark

Am Ch Sagenhaft Colsidex Whiz Kid

Aust Gr Ch Divani Rumour Has It TD

Am/Can/Aust Gr Ch Divani Loads 'A Trouble (AI)

Aust Ch Bromhund Ultra Sonic

Aust Ch Waldwiese Miss B Haven

Aust Clayco Just Jokin CDX ET QC

Aust Ch Talfryn Spring Madness (AI)

Gr Ch Grauhund Nikkitah (AI)

Aust Ch Waldwiese Just Whispa It

Aust Ch Divani Play Th' Game (AI)

Aust Gr Ch Divani Rumour Has It TD