Nic's Dog Cooper

Kadnook Chase The Rainbo
w: 4-7-1997 - 27-1-2007
Sire: Aust. Ch. Kadnook The Rainbochaser (A) RRD.
Dam: Aust. Ch. Kadnook Dusty Dream.
Bred by Jill McMaster & Wayne Poholke (Kadnook Kennels Victoria)
When Nic was 10 years old he was allowed to have a dog of his own.  Like all kids of that age they have their hero's, Nic's hero at that time was a Retrieving & Field Trial judge - Jack Montasell who owned Labrador Retrievers.  Where ever Jack was at a trial Nic wasn't far away helping with his Labradors.  For Nic's 10th Birthday he chose to have a Labrador - not a Weimaraner - heaven help Silvahunter Kennels. Cooper became Nic's best mate, he got half way to his show title when Labrador breed type changed dramatically in the ring.  Nic did retrieving training with Cooper but his move to senior schooling seemed to interfere with his plans for trialling his dog.
Whilst Cooper never achieved all those really big titles he managed to be something special - he was Nic's best mate - he was always there when Nic got home from school wagging his tail and always looking for his next meal.  He was also 'Indi's' best mate, when Indi died from snake bite Cooper spent weeks just sitting in the yard looking up at the dog graves in the back paddock. When Rigg's came along he was happy to have this boisterous Weimaraner youngster hanging off his neck. He was just so tolerant and good with other dogs.
Cooper was always roped into Weimaraner Club of Victoria events and was an honorary Weimaraner.  He was always the winner of the fastest eating competitions and eating the biscuit hidden at the bottom of a bowl of water competition.
Cooper passed away suddenly in January 2007 from liver cancer and the last thing he saw and would remember before he died was Nic holding him and hugging him.
We miss you 'Pooh Bear'

More photos to come as we scan our old photos.