Enjoy camping in Australia

Several times a year John & Nic go bush!

When John was a boy his family would spend their holidays camping out in the Victorian bush, quite often their Dad would just pitch a tarp over a trailer and throw down mattresses & blankets.  This would become their bush camp for Eric & Grace and four small boys. This early life in the bush has developed John's strong love of the bush - these days he camps in style with the very best in camping gear.
John & Liz had a pop top Caravan for many years. Camping out for retrieving trials is common so comfort was a necessity especially when Nic was a toddler. Try and occupy a 2 year old in a wet tent for 2 days and you soon yearn for a caravan. Some adventures in the van were to the Flinders Ranges with Colleen & Ian Besanko (Besko Kennels) - this trip included some great moments staying out in the bush most of the time as the Weimaraners came along too. Another great trip was with Dr.Lindsay Dyson, several weeks spent driving to Longreach in far north Queensland, via Broken Hill, Cameron's Corner (where the borders of South Australia, Queensland & New South Wales meet), Innaminka, Charleville and then back home via the Darling River to Burke, Wilcannia, Menindie & Mildura.
Whilst John loves his shooting he is still a conservationist, he belongs to 'The Field & Game Association' in Australia who preserve hunting areas and stock nesting boxes for our native ducks and wildlife.
John will often spend weeks at a time out bush on his own. In 2007 he spent 3 weeks in the Red Centre.  Also during 2007 John, Nic & Nic's mate - Tim, spent several days out in the 'Little Desert' area in Western Victoria.  In Mid December, John & Nic took a few days off and went to 'Wyngan Inlet' in far Eastern Victoria.
Follow the camping trips in our galleries - there's some great scenery.

Late winter 2008 John & Nic went up to the snow line around Mt. Baw Baw to have a play with Nic's ute in the snow. Nic took some fabulous photos featured below.

Overnight camp out at Licola (East Gippsland) - John and Nic took Nic's ute for a run in the high country.  This area was devestated by fire in November/December, 2007. Since then the larger trees have started to recover, but there is no forest floor cover and most of the roads were washed away with flooding during the winter of 2007. Even though we are in drought in most of Victoria up in the high country there are still small rivers that are runniing.

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Snow trip 2008

Licola 2009